Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Two Major Trends Which Are Relevant To My Context

Openness is a major trend in my context as it is allowing teachers to not only gather suitable up to date resources for teaching but it is also allowing students to use these resources for their learning. No longer should resources be kept under cloak and dagger it is freeing up time and helping to support the education community to achieve it's goals. This is important in Brunei as resources are very old and outdated and students have been kept in this  demotivating learning environment with these demotivating resources.
Online learning/ collaboration environments is my second major trend to look at. With the world now in the "Information Age" we need to move away from the concepts and models that supported the "Industrial Age". It is important that these skills of creating knowledge are transferable to allow students to be capable of effectively working and learning in the future. Online learning environments provide students in Brunei to work together asynchronously. It allows them time to think and create their answer or opinion carefully. It is also a way for teachers to meet the needs of the students, by being able to identify early and correct any misunderstandings. It can be a powerful tool in this context but with success comes the many barriers to overcome.

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