Thursday, 8 August 2013

Enjoying the Ride

So far it has been an interesting ride. I find myself thinking about terms such as forecasting, scenario planning, lens, uncertainties and trends without even realising it. Too give credit to this course I am enjoying this challenging change in mind set. With having a breakaway  with the family in Cambodia  where we help to sponsor a school through financial and time support I constantly see myself reflecting on the meaning of scenario planning and how it could benefit these wonderful children. I want to walk away from this course with the knowledge that I am able to use these skills to help plan a future for the better in this context. Is it going to be tricky? Sure is. But I think to work and collaborate in an environment where there are less barriers in relation to imagination and creativity I think we can help to map out a better future for the school.

I feel I am slightly behind as I now need to work on my matrix. It is an interesting proposition as I want to utilise it for the better of my educational situation in Brunei. I am not a creative or imaginative person rather a black and white sort of guy who is determined to succeed through strategic planning and goals. But, as I have discovered this is a predetermined focus of where I want to go and the need to diversify plausible possibilities will help me I think to have a better "go forward" plan.

My journey through the lens of a secondary teacher (year seven and eight, primary in New Zealand) will I think be interesting. Although I will not be here to witness and meet these new plausible futures in Brunei, hopefully by sharing and incorporating this form of planning will provide better opportunities for staff and students within my school. Although planning is mainly directed by the MOE, Principals are having more say. Is it a plausible future where Brunei Principals  have the control to plan/ map out their own plausible futures under the umbrella of the MOE? I don't think so but maybe it will happen. What will that mean for the use of technologies in education? I think it will have a huge impact as my Principal has been impressed with the easy introduction of tools for learning such as AVAILLL and Blogging.

Onwards and upwards as we take a break for 3 days on the beach before heading back to Phnom Penh. Next goal to do my matrix!!!


  1. Very envious from here in a gloomy Christchurch.

  2. Hey there, Great to see and hear you on the online chat last night. And thank you for your sincere comments about hanging in there and getting this busy paper onward and upward. Those sentiments go right back at you!! It can be somewhat daunting to see the tasks in front of you and trying to keep to the time frames but you have certainly managed insightful, constructive, creative, thought provoking work so far, you can - I'm sure - will get there. Enjoy your 3 day break.