Thursday, 1 August 2013

How will scenario planning help with my use of the wiki to enhance collaboration?

Scenario planning will allow me to identify and consider possible futures I may face and in doing so I can make decisions now based on these plausible futures (Freeman, 2009). It will allow me to make my decisions encompass multiple plausible futures allowing me to be prepared for not just one possibility. By thinking creatively and imaginative it will allow me to open up and visualise the possible scenarios that could work in my context although this will take me out of my safe thinking zone it will allow me to be prepared to meet the future effectively.

By including everyone that is involved in the process of my study I will be able to gain new insights and strategies that may not have been available without this process (JISC, 2008). The inclusion of these stakeholders can help to recognise and adapt to changing aspects of our present environment. This for me will drive the management to be more positive with the adoption of new technologies.
Shell it seems has been at the forefront of scenario planning, their CEO Peter Voser explains that organisations that implement scenario planning "find it easier to recognise impending disruptions in their own operating environment". This is a big factor for me as politics is a major player in my environment especially as being an "outsider". Availability of technology and internet coverage can also be "hit" and "miss". By making decisions now for this plausible future will help to make the research and experience run smooth as I will be prepared for this disruption.

By using the scenario planning model I will be asking as Freeman (2009) states, "what will I do if this happens in the future?" (p.3). The great thing about it is, I will know, I will be prepared and the adoption of using the wiki for collaboration will be given every chance to succeed because these plausible futures have (hopefully) been thought of and decisions made now to be prepared for them.


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