Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Halfway, Halfway, Halfway

Reflecting on the last couple of weeks I feel a little disjointed. For me personally I have been on holiday for two weeks in Cambodia were I was giving my time and resources to an underprivileged  school I am involved in. Many times I found myself thinking of the benefit that scenario planning may have within this environment to ensure they are prepared for the future. I spoke to Py Py who is the manager of the school and we have decided to action this form of planning for the benefit of the school. Personally I think it is great, as I can see how we can benefit from this, especially in this third world country. Planning to begin in December when we are back, can't wait! Nothing like putting into practice new skills.

I have found myself this week over complicating things. Having been sick when back from holiday (that will serve me right) I have been working through the assignments and the tasks that I missed while being away. Although I have enjoyed this part of the course (SP) it is a lot to get your head around especially when missing some of the collaboration from the tweets etc. Revisiting my tasks it certainly has become apparent that there is so much more learning to do on this subject. At times I can see myself thinking that it is a new approach, but it is interesting to see the range of organisations and people utilising this form of planning now and in the past.

I work for a so called "Global Company" and was having a chat with the Country Manager on SP. It was interesting to discuss how they plan to meet the future. He had not heard of scenario planning which is quite funny really as Shell who I see as a big advocate of SP is one of the main financial partners here in Brunei which the country relies on for its wealth. So I can see one organisation forecasting with set goals and one looking out of the square to be prepared for plausible futures. After talking we decided to set a date to discuss what this planning involves and for what purpose. I certainly am trying to drive ICT here for the future so will be a good way to help plan for this future.

Going back to revisit the assignment one I have really enjoyed reading about the models and theories of change again. Placing the model/ theories into the context of implementing a wiki into the learning environment is really exciting. I am finding it is a real passion now as I am not of fan to date of wikis but by planning/ researching and working with the students I hope to be able to change my own mind and encourage adoption of the technology by the students, staff and management. I plan to use the TAM model as I see that as the biggest obstacle here while relying on Rogers' Diffusion of Innovation to increase the chance of a quicker adoption of the innovation.

As I work through the models and theory and justify my decisions of the inclusions of them I can see the relevance to my topic more clearly. It is interesting coming back to the topic as I felt that we had moved away from this and that I needed to confirm my understandings of what I had already written as well as strengthen my understanding. Davis (2008) arena of change is an area I am linking back into as this holistic viewpoint opens up the need to address the impact of decisions throughout the ecology system.

Sorry Wayne, aim to have completed last Friday but needed to read through and analyse again which for me the revisit has been beneficial to my understanding.

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