Sunday, 18 August 2013

Brunei Loses It's Grip On Education

Who would have thought that in todays world in 2030 Brunei has lost its stranglehold on it's own educational curriculum. A lot has changed as Mohd Hakeem Effendy explains, "Gone are the days when we were an oil rich nation able to support the direction of education in our own country, it has all gone". This is the sentiment held by many in Brunei where it seems not identifying this plausible future has allowed global corporations to hijack and manipulate our education system for their own good.

Dr Bob Bobby Head of Education for Asia is the man responsible for turning our curriculum upside down. As part of the Real World Corporation he has restructured learning to meet the needs and benefits of the company over it seems, the needs of the children. Dr Bobby explains that it was necessary to restructure, closing down schools, teachers and administrative staff being made redundant and shutting down the Brunei Ministry of Education. Without these measures Brunei would be bankrupt in 50 years. By creating online course we have allowed students to learn from home while still interacting with others globally. Although many students and parents we have contacted have embraced this new mode of learning it is widely felt that the Brunei culture will be lost as now it is not been taught throughout the grades.

Dk Siti Farina the former Head of Religious Affairs says, "If we lose our identity Brunei will be finished as a nation" She goes on to identify that the young people will be lost to the global world and as a nation we will be unable to keep them in our own backyard. But many young people we have spoken to disagree, many believed by learning in a more recognised curriculum will allow them to work overseas and bring the wealth back to their homeland. But the risk is the young will not return as the excitement and the advancement of possibilities will be too strong.

This reporter has witnessed the change and was a student when that change was beginning. It has allowed me to open my eyes and see what the world can offer me and what I can offer the world. I have not lost my culture or my drive to succeed instead I share this globally with others and also embrace other cultures and drive. The chance to work collaboratively with my global friends has enhanced not limited my education and my prospects in life.

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