Tuesday, 30 July 2013

English Language Learning Using A Wiki- Bibliography

Zorko, V. (2009). Factors affecting the way students collaborate in a wiki for English language learning. Australasian Journal Of Educational Technology, 25(5), 645-665.

Description: This research article identifies factors that affected the ways in which ESL (English as a Second Language) students collaborated in a wiki. Qualitative findings showed that the wiki provided a collaborative learning environment. Although there were positive behaviours identified it was not as successful in peer to peer communication and co constructing knowledge. The researcher identified factors such as the ease of organising regular face to face meetings, technical glitches, preference for publishing only final copies and the preference to use tools that they students were already competent with such as email and mobile phones inhibited collaboration in the wiki.

The study provides valuable personal student insights in how they interpreted their interactions and the reasons that inhibited and promoted collaboration in the wiki. It highlighted students’ attitudes, motivations and  problems that are associated with language barriers in the wiki environment.

Evaluation: This article identifies key factors that may affect my students learning in a wiki environment. The case study was descriptive in the findings and identifies areas that I, as the change facilitator need to be aware of when introducing it to my class. A strength of the research was identifying ways in which the wiki could be used in the classroom with the scaffolding needed to increase collaboration in the wiki.

Research was well supported throughout the background areas of the article but tended not to support as strongly data or ideas in the implementation, findings and suggestion sections. This study is important for ESL teachers as implementing new technologies into ESL classrooms adds another layer of challenges that need to be unpacked before it can be accepted and adopted.

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