Wednesday, 10 July 2013

EDEM630; Reflection On First Task

Hi, my name is Aaron Taylor. I am currently living in Brunei with my wife and children. Previously I taught at Casebrook Intermediate in Christchurch. This is the second time I have used a blog for a particular purpose for my study. Previously in EDEM627 I used blogs as a reflection tool for my action research. I actually found it quite valuable as it allowed me time to process what had just happened in my lesson and allowed for an easy way to jot things down in an easy to use filing system. I know from reflecting after the course, I certainly put more ideas and observations down than I would have if I was writing on paper (no it wasn't assessed). I am really looking forward to developing this skill utilising technology to help meet my needs.

I found this activity really hard for some reason as I thought about it to much instead of just going with it and setting it up. I think it had something to do with the overload of instructional text. I think the best way to set up a blog is to play and create your own knowledge.

I have utilised blogs in my Yr7 class here in Brunei for some it was a great tool to explore and take ownership of not only their page but to take ownership of their new knowledge. It will be interesting completing this course as technology is not big here and resources certainly aren't. But I am looking forward to the course and applying what I learn into the classroom.

The video link I find really inspirational. I came across Will Richardson through a reading from a previous course. Hopefully you may like the video as well.

I teach in a state school here in Brunei. It is a very laid back atmosphere, sometimes too laid back. I teach 3 Year 8 classes and 1 Year 7 class (English). Kids here haven't been exposed to e-learning or ICT in a big way so the things I have tried (blogging for reading groups and AVAILLL) have worked really well considering the structure of learning in Brunei. Racking my brains to come up with my first topic as I have always wanted to look at BYOD but I feel it will be very limiting in this environment and not fully valued, possibly this is a good reason to follow this path.

Props being made by my 8B class

I came across this Steve Jobs video earlier this year and the passion that he talks with I can see why he was so successful. I like to think I am as passionate about teaching and bringing in technology to support and create learning opportunities.

Really looking forward to the journey of this course as it looks hands on and challenging. Will post a personal video later.


  1. Hi Aaron,

    Pleased to meet you via your course blog. Had a good chuckle -- hindsight is a more accurate science. Far easier to advise on an approach after doing the activity. Your prior experience with blogs shows. Welcome aboard!

  2. Hi again Aaron,
    Funny how we keep crossing paths. It seems like a long time ago we were on campus getting our degrees. Training wheels are off and time to fly.....Nice to see you again.

  3. Hi Aaron,
    I saw that your video links don't show from the iPad, which made me feel better as mine don't either. Thought it was something I'd done wrong. Now thinking it must be a browser issue as they are fine with other browsers.
    Good to be on another course with you.