Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reflection For The Organisation

This section of our course has certainly been enlightening and beneficial to myself as a practitioner. When implementing change whether it is with a technology or not I see the steps needed through my eyes. So this week was looking further out in my arena to the school. Firstly I investigated the e-maturity model.  

This “linkage” e-learning model recognises that organisations change progressively with the adoption of digital technologies. The linkage was between student, home and school. It was good to see that three way partnership being recognised. It looked at a range of schools which was at different stages for various reasons. Lowmoor School which had progressed would be an interesting school to observe and even work in as it had moved forward with the technology and the structures were it seemed, in place to effectively support the stakeholders and the new technology.  

The framework that sparked a real desire to look deeper into the organisation was the e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF) document. This document was clear and precise and easy to use in an educational setting. The framework for me provided a guide to; where are you now, what needs to be done and how you could get there. The document describes itself as a “road map” which is exactly what it is.  It enables schools and staff to review their current level and provides avenues for improvement. This framework seems to have been influenced by Rogers’ diffusion of innovation and the TPACK Model to assist with the adoption of change. There was possibly more as it is structured to support and guide organisations, but I see these theories coming through the strongest.  

We were asked to do the readings for this section and then with the eLPF we were to examine a school of our choice and plot where we identified their stage and justify. Gathering data from discussions and strategic plans the school I investigated came out as emerging. For me that was interesting as by looking at the form initially I would have put them at pre emerging. It was a valuable exercise for me to grow as a professional. It opened my eyes up to where schools can sit and the ways and resources that could make them progress. The TKI website was full of information that could benefit this school. Reflection is a strong key to this framework as without it, leaders and teachers can not truly gauge where they sit in the framework and move forward.  

I am not sure how this school would use this framework. Would it bring about self doubts? Would it be valuable within this educational context? Or would it be just another piece of tokenism? I want to move forward with this framework, I think it could really help to grow the adoption of new technologies within the school. A few issues I would have is “saving face”. There seems to be the hierarchy in this society and you never question those perceived as more important than you (unfortunately I am not the quiet obliging type and question many things around here). Would this be an appropriate model to help shift this mentality?  

I have assessed this model as having the ability to support the ‘meso’ level to move into e-learning. By the eLPF having the four stages for each of the five dimensions as listed below allows motivated schools to identify the challenges and implement actions to succeed.
  1. Leadership and strategic dimension
  2. Professional learning
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. Technologies and infrastructure
  5. Beyond the classroom

There is I think, much too learn about this model and how it could impact in the educational environment. I often think back to the infrastructure and drive within my context and think this would never work here. Do my leaders think that? Or are they willing to be supported by frameworks such as this to give them the drive to successfully implement e-learning?

As I reflect, I tend to have more questions than answers. However, I am ever hopeful in applying this into this context and help support the ‘meso’ level for better e-learning opportunities for the school, students and country.
Link to the eLPF section on the TKI website:

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  1. I agree that the e-LPF is a clear document to support the ongoing development of e-Learning within a school. I would like to use it at my school to embed expectations around e-Learning throughout the school - with the expectation that if it is written in at policy / curriculum level, the BOT will have to support the development and maintenance of the infrastructure. I am lucky I suppose to be principal at a small supportive school.